Istanbul, Turkey
Los Angeles, CA
Paris, France



Mechanics of Place is situated in the neighborhood of Tophane, a district of Istanbul that is in a state of cultural transition and is the location of Istanbul’s vibrant art scene. In the 1800’s the area was largely Greek and Armenian, filled with laborers who worked in the industrial facilities of the port.It is now a mostly Muslim neighborhood, as the ethnic minorities were expelled when the Republic of Turkey was established in 1922.

Istanbul’s delicate and subtle neighborhood structure is being threatened by technology and modernism. The media poems in this project are intended to reflect the issues of cultural disjunction of Istanbul, its volatility and remix of historical, religious and ethnic tensions. The final walking route follows the street of Bagazkesen where multiple markers will trigger the appearance of the media in the smartphone, seamlessly laid into the landscape. The old, finely meshed street patterns, with their intricate social and microeconomic structures and small-scale character are the subject and canvas for these mobile Augmented Reality art works that exist as an invisible layer embedded into the topography of place.

Los Angeles

Coming February 22-25, 2012


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